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The Pasteur diaspora
Where do the Pasteurs come from? What are the original family branches? What is the origin of the Pasteur family name? How many Pasteur are there today? Where do they live? Find out the origins of the Pasteurs in France, Switzerland, England, Holland, Italy, Canada and the United Sates of America. [Read more]

Going West
Who were the Pasteurs who left for the New World as early as the end of the 17th century ? Where do they come from ? How many Pasteurs live in North America today ? [Read more]

A dynasty of executioners
From the beginning of the 17th century to the middle of the 19th century, 7 generations of Pasteur served as public executioners in Switzerland. [Read more]

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Trace your roots in the ever growing online genealogical database on the Pasteurs. [Access database]

The Association of Pasteur families

An association to establish contact between any person bearing the patronymic Pasteur or who is related to a Pasteur family in the world or who is interested in such a family. [Read more]

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«Science transcends frontiers » said Louis Pasteur. Discover the life and work as well as the genealogy of the most famous Pasteur. [Read more]

Paul Emile Pasteur
Artisan missionary in Gabon with Albert Schweitzer and in New-Caledonia with Maurice Leenhardt. [Read more]


 Records: Update of the Genealogy of the Pasteur and Roqui Families 
Posted by Pasteur on Saturday, 07 May 2011 @ 08:55:20 CEST (3087 reads)
France Since 1999 (when the first edition of the book "Genealogy of the Pasteur Families" was published), Martine Bellague and Jean-Marie Gallois have never stopped their research to discover links between the Pasteur families and to find a "logic" in this wealth of data. Their conclusion is as follows:

Until proven otherwise, there is no known link between:

  1. The "Pasteurs of Switzerland" (cantons of Vaud and Geneva)
  2. The "Pasteurs of Mouthe" (canton of the department of Doubs, near Switzerland)
  3. The "Pasteurs of Châteauvieux" (canton of Ornans, in the department of Doubs)
Moreover, more research should be done on the "Pasteurs" of Britany, those of Savoy, those of the Netherlands, those of England, those of Italy, those of the United States, those of Canada, etc.

The entire online version of the Genealogy of the Pasteur Families was updated in 2011 by their respective authors.

At the same time, the Genealogy of the Roqui, the maternal branch of Louis Pasteur, first published in June 2003, has also been updated.

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 Death of Louis Pasteur - The Times 
Posted by Pasteur on Thursday, 26 June 2008 @ 08:50:47 CEST (16062 reads)
Louis Pasteur PARIS, Sept.  29. 1895

M. Pasteur died yesterday at Garches, near St. Cloud.

The end of the century seems to be bereaving France of all her great men. Thiers, Victor Hugo, Claude Bernard, Renan, and Taine have gone, and the lot now falls on Pasteur. Partially paralyzed since 1868, he remained in tolerably satisfactory general health up to 1886, when the controversy on his treatment of hydrophobia left him with an affection of the heart which caused him to spend the winter of 1887 at Bordighera. The earthquake in the Riviera induced him to return to Paris, and he had occasional attacks of heart disease and albuminuria. Last winter he was confined to his bed for several months. On his recovery he removed from Paris to Garches, to the house which was placed at his disposal by the Paris Municipality, for scientific researches. The excessive beat brought on another and this time a fatal crisis. Since last Wednesday week he had been in a critical condition. He was throughout life a stanch Catholic, and some time ago he sent for a priest to receive his confession. On Friday the Last sacraments were administered, and he expired at 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon. He leaves a widow and a married daughter, Mme Valléry-Radot. [...]

Note: Article published in The Times on 29 September 1895
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 Louis Pasteur genealogical data update 
Posted by pasteur on Saturday, 10 November 2007 @ 03:36:00 CET (4956 reads)
Louis Pasteur The genealogical data of Louis Pasteur's family in the Pasteurs' genealogical data base have been updated.
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 Records: William Pasteur 
Posted by Pasteur on Thursday, 02 March 2006 @ 18:28:54 CET (7188 reads)
USA William Pasteur was still alive as of 5 Feb 1780. New Bern District Court Criminal Action papers show that he was given a counterfeit bill:

Folder: 1780
Information: Oath of Oroondates DAVIS that he was playing whist at the home of Mr. OLIVER, and that Nathan SMITH was there (DAVIS had not known SMITH previously), and that he made a bet with SMITH, which he won. SMITH paid him with a $100 bill, which upon examination proved to be counterfeit. He showed it to SMITH, who doubted it was ounterfeit, and DAVIS pointed out several flaws in the bill. Some of the others there also agreed it was counterfeit. DAVIS offered to swear before a magistrate that it was a bad bill, and SMITH took it back. DAVIS told him to return it to the man he got it from, and not try to pass it again. 2-3 days later, DAVIS was in the shop of Mr. William PASTEUR, and PASTEUR showed him a $100 bill that SMITH had paid to PASTEUR’s brother Neddy, and DAVIS was positive in his opinion that it was the same bill.
Date: 5 Feb 1780
County: Craven

(In an earlier account of the same event, William Pasteur was referred to as "Dr. Pasteur").

A murder charge should have been brought in New Bern District Court. There doesn't seem to be a record of this.

Source : Sue Guptill

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 History: The daugther of the Sieur Pasteur 
Posted by Pasteur on Friday, 06 January 2006 @ 18:23:55 CET (6341 reads)
International East of Nova Scotia and the adjoining island of Cape Breton, the French had planted a colony, some years before, in the bay of Placentia, on the southern coast of Newfoundland. The Sieur Parat, governor of Placentia, reports to Louis XIV, in 1686, that in consequence of the measures he has taken, there remains but a solitary Huguenot family in the place. Several have renounced heresy, as will be seen by the enclosed certificates of abjuration. The surgeon of the port, being a Huguenot, he has sent him join on a ship sailing for Marseilles. One is tempted to suspect that a vein of irony can be discovered in the governor's communication, as he proceeds to ask whether he ought to arrest the French of the Pretended Reformed Religion who are on board English vessels, and if so, whether the requirement extends to the case of those who have been naturalized as Englishmen. If such be his Majesty's intention, he adds demurely, a force will be needed to enable him to execute it. The king's reply is equally demure. The governor may very properly cause such seamen to be arrested and sent to France, but let him be careful not to undertake anything in this regard without being sure of success.

Both the king and his servant knew that France held the little settlement of Placentia by a very feeble tenure. Six years later, the place was destroyed by the English. Meanwhile the governor could enforce upon the few defenceless Huguenots of his colony the penalties of the Edict of Revocation, without fear of rebuke from his royal master. How faithfully he did so we learn by a letter of the minister Louvois to the Sieur Parat in 1689. “The king has approved of the course you have taken in the case of the daughter of the Sieur Pasteur in sending her to the nuns of Quebec, and his Majesty gives you liberty to compel the new converts whose conduct is not sufficiently exact to send their daughters thither, in order that they may be taught the duties of religion, and may be kept there until an opportunity may be found to marry them to good Catholics. You will, however, be careful to proceed cautiously in this matter, lest these efforts should alarm the new converts, and drive them to the resort of escaping to the English.”

Note: Source: Charles W. Baird, History of the Huguenot Emigration to America, 1885

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 Necrologia: Henry Édouard Pasteur (1924 - 2005) 
Posted by pasteur on Tuesday, 04 October 2005 @ 02:14:03 CEST (7273 reads)
Association Henry Édouard Pasteur, a founder member and former chairman of the Association of Pasteur families, died on 28 September 2005 in Paris, France. He was 81.

Henry Pasteur, who was born in Rô, Maré (Loyalty Islands) on July 30, 1924, was a teacher of philosophy and an avid traveller. He sailed the Atlantic alone in the 80s and after retirement, continued to work as a consultant for NGOs in all continents.

Henry Pasteur was preceded in death by his parents Paul Emile Pasteur and Hélène Pasteur. He is survived by his ex-wife and mother of his sons, Gil Pasteur Tiano; and children, Olivier, Laurent and Jérôme Pasteur.

Interment was at Villefavard Cemetery, near his residence in La Courcelle (Haute-Vienne, France).

Note: Photo

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 Louis Raymond Pasteur and Elise Aline Bornand 
Posted by Pasteur on Thursday, 13 January 2005 @ 01:20:33 CET (7392 reads)
Suisse My husband's great-grand mother was born in Sainte Croix, canton de Vaud.
We just inherited a "Bornand family" tree dating to about 1500, and I noticed the following:

"Elise Aline Bornand epouse Louis Raymond Pasteur en 1862."

Elise Aline was a cousin of my husband's ancestor, and I have her lineage dating to about 1500.

I would like to know how this Louis Raymond Pasteur fits in your trees.

Thank you

Note: Message from Femuse
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 Necrologia: David Pasteur (1931-2004) 
Posted by pasteur on Friday, 31 December 2004 @ 01:43:14 CET (7168 reads)
Association David Pasteur, a member of the Association of Pasteur families, just passed away in Birmingham, UK. He was 73. He is survived by his wife, Ingrid, his four daughters, Mary, Elizabeth, Katherine and Veronica, and his son, Christopher.

Note: See Obituary and Funeral Address
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 News: Fourth General Meeting of the Association of Pasteur families 
Posted by Pasteur on Tuesday, 08 June 2004 @ 17:34:46 CEST (6998 reads)
Association The fourth General Meeting of the Association of Pasteur families will take place on 20 June 2004 at 3:00 PM in Poligny, in the Jura department, France. This year, the General Meeting will coincide with the fourth "Find your roots day", organised by Mr Yves Guignard in Poligny. Our association has been invited to give a presentation ot its activities.
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 Census Records: The Pasteurs in France in 2004 
Posted by Pasteur on Thursday, 13 May 2004 @ 00:43:38 CEST (7057 reads)
France The Pasteurs in France : 1256 persons

According to the estimates of L'Internaute website, 1,256 persons carry the name Pasteur as of 01/01/2004.
The name Pasteur is the 6,229th most popular name in France.

The departments in which the Pasteurs are best represented are:

  • Côte-d'Or (21) : 151st most popular name
  • Eure-et-Loire (28) : 356th most popular name
  • Ardèche (07) : 399th most popular name
  • Doubs (25) : 847th most popular name
  • Gard (30) : 1136th most popular name
See the map of the Pasteurs in France

Note: Source : L'Internaute

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